DuckSwap, Best Avian Yield Farm on BSC !

Many ducklings, those cute little cheepers that follow their mothers around the pond, won’t make it to adulthood. The survival rate is awful: Only about 60 percent grow into fully independent ducks. Due to this, surviving ducks usually have a lot of fortitude. You might say, “How does this relate to DeFi?”. Let me explain:

We know that these days there are many projects that don’t provide security for the investors. We have all been in these situations where developers might be creating backdoors to funnel the funds into their own pockets (I am looking at you HoneySwap !)

So what are we implementing to avoid rugpull and show the respect that the investors deserve?

  1. Timelock will be applied at launch and ownership of the Dev wallet will be given to timelock at launch !
  2. Migrator code is of course removed because we are a fork of GooseDefi (Our distant cousin)
  3. Added code to prevent rug (Re-enterancy guard is put in code)



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